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September 25, 2012

Sisters & Brothers

Recently I had the honor of leading a group of warriors into battle against a very old energy and being, a being from another place and dimension. It came hear about 4thousand years ago with the help of a planetary line up on his side so says the council of ancients (the group of ancient beings from many places ) I generally see 13. Back to it we were a group of a few light workers 1 u would call an angel another a friend from my home planet, and the third a being of light from another dimension and mostly dark beings some would call demons, and me. Long story short we were 23 against 1 and when it was finely subdued and confined by the council until our planetary lineup, we were1light worker, 3 demons, and me. For this I have been given the honor of a new name one that says I walk in the light and the dark in balance as is my path.

Gray Bear

June 6, 2008

Sisters & Brothers

As I sit here at the computer on a work day the thoughts of what is coming to light around the planet come to mind. Fear and Greed or just Fear. Fear of lack, fear of death. With these two fears being the underlying energy of all that we create, well just look and you can see.

Disaster strikes and out of fear the governments of nations refuse help. Fear of lack of understanding in their ways, fear of the death of their traditions and customs. They would rather risk and lose people by the grand numbers than let the Americans in to change their lives.

The thing is we would. As a government, and, therefore, as a people in this nation we have lost our honor. Because our elected leaders have made some less than great choices we are again in the middle of a civil war, a war we can not or should not win. It is not up to us to settle another family’s squabble. Our own house is not in order, how can we help others.

Out of our fear of lack we responded by overindulging and over time we have created the lack we fear. The same response to our fear of death has forced us out to make other governments to change and be more like us so our traditions and customs do not die. In this way we create the very distaste that will, over time, create our demise.

At one time America sent food all over the world. We sold wheat by the many tons to those who had none; we grew corn, rye and oats for ourselves; and sold the surplus. Then the government started paying farmers not to grow foods. Now we import wheat, barley, rice, and soon corn to feed our people and our SUV’s .

Can this be changed? You bet! We are the children of Creator. And being children we make mistakes to learn. Well we have made a lot of mistakes with the choices that were made. Now we can make different choices and in this way change our current reality to become what we want it to be.

So brothers and sisters, live & love all life and keep making new choices and change it until we get it in balance. If not this time then the next.


Love & Light Moon Bear


January 1, 2008

Sisters & Brothers

Here we are, at the turn of another calendar year. The days are getting longer but only by a little bit. The Sun feels not so warm yet, all the snow reflects most of the heat back up. It takes a while for the Sun to do his work and fight away winter. These are the days and nights for work in the darkness of our selves. To sit by the fire and let the flames slowly warm and bring a glow to every part of us, and trust.

Trust in the flow of nature, trust in cycles, trust in Creator. Know that it is dark outside, and know it is light inside of the spirit close to Creator, then connect the body with the spirit being and all is light and love. Remember we are spirit beings having a human experience, so experiencing and feeling our stuff is how we learn and grow. The elders tell us if one stops learning one starts dying. They also say growing is living and living is loving so love life and grow.


Love & Light Moon Bear



December 2, 2007

Sisters & Brothers

At this time of year we are watching the nights grow longer and our spirits want to do the work within. To go deeper into our darkness as the North travels through the ever lengthening night. We will not be working inside much longer this year, because we look towards the Winter Solstice and the coming light of the new year. Those people who are connected to the Earth will be able to feel the stirring of energy beneath the blanket of snow, others a little later in the year. The part that really counts is, as we know, the coming light will warm the earth & warm our spirits to make the present day’s work just that much more doable, and maybe just a little more acceptable to the human part of ourselves. As we all learn it in time, the human part is the part that has to get in harmony with feeling anything and all things.

From my life we have learned to trust in creator and hang on for the ride of my life because, even if it is the same lesson, we are feeling the way it comes to us is different. Different is not good or bad it is just different so we hang on and try to enjoy the ride.

Love & Light Moon Bear