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Lodge Information

The things You need to bring when you come to Lodge:

  1. Two towels
  2. Something for Pot Luck to share with the people after the ceremony
  3. A blanket for inside the Lodge and, if you wish, something else to sit on outside the Lodge (such as a camp chair for before/after the ceremony)
  4. A long skirt for the ladies with a light tee-shirt; shorts or skirt for the men
  5. A set of dry clothes for after Lodge
  6. A stone about the size of a football, more if possible
  7. Some wood for the fire, just a few pieces if you can
  8. You may bring a drum or rattle to play and one other sacred object that can go on a small altar while we are in Lodge
  9. Offerings – see Protocol section on the next page (if you cannot afford gifts/donations and still need to come then you will not be turned away)
  10. Wear comfortable clothes, including appropriate shoes and work gloves so you can work
  11. Bring a poncho/rain slicker if rain is in the forecast
  12. Bring food and drink for yourself for the day time


General Information

Ceremony is open to all; everyone is welcome. Just remember, you are responsible for any children you may bring.

Lodges are sacred ceremonies, so when you come you will be asked to stay in the area until the ceremony is complete – this sometimes takes until 10pm or, on rare occasions, later.

Always try to remember that the Worship is in the Work. You only get out of ceremony what you put into it, so come as close to 11 as you can, so we have enough help to light the fire by 12.

Throughout the day, teachings will be given, so please be sure to gather around and learn about the ceremony.

After the Lodge & Pipe we wait to eat or drink until the children, the pourer, the fire keeper(s), the elders, and the lodge keeper are served their food and drink. At some Lodges, a spirit plate will also be made and offered to the fire.



  1. Upon entering the Lodge site, you will be smudged with sage to cleanse and remove any negative energies from the outside. If you leave the sacred site and return, you will be smudged again to ensure the Lodge site remains cleansed.
  2. After being smudged, greet the Lodge Keeper, Pourer, and Fire Keeper(s), and make your offerings to them:
    1. Offerings are important as they provide an exchange of energy between you and those opening up their land, the person invited to come and lead ceremony for the people, and those working with the fire to heat the stone people for us. If you cannot afford to make any offerings, and would like to come, you will not be turned away. At minimum, please greet the Lodge Keeper, Pourer, and Fire Keeper(s) and express your gratitude.
    2. Offerings consist of a green prayer tie with prayers for the healing intent for that day and a monetary donation, if you can afford it (sit with Spirit to see how much).
  3. Greet the Lodge Keeper first and make your offering to them for the use of the land.
  4. Next, greet the person who is pouring water (i.e., the person leading ceremony) and make your offering. If you are going to ask for help in healing or prayers to be made for you or another, you should ask the pourer with your offering if you may talk to them, and follow the instructions that may be given.
  5. Find out who is keeping fire that day, and make your offering to them as well. Your exchange of energy honors their hard work for the people.



Thank You Love & Light to all

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