Spiritual Warrior Circle

    O Wakan my beautiful mother the giver of life, the one which changes and becomes Skwan who is the same but is my beautiful father, the sacred nothing from who comes all, to who comes all.
    Let me come so I may know you
    Let me come so I may know me
    Let me come so I may know the vastness within and without
    Let me come so I may know the fullness of empty and the brightness of dark.
    Ho this is I who calls to you.  Hear me oh primary ones.  Let me enter into the nothingness so I may be a part of it all.



Grey Wolf and Moon Bear 

Thank you for coming to the Spiritual Warrior Circle website.  We are in the process of creating this website for all of our Brothers and Sisters wanting to know the old ways.

We are sorry for our current appearance, but please be patient as we create this resource for all.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to remind all, especially during this time when our warriors are coming back from their duty, that I have been trained by the elders to work with returning warriors.  Helping them come back into our families with harmony and an ending to the battle raging within to learn the job is done.